Jumana and Akl: novels and poems

Today, Thursday, “Antoine Library” and “Dar Hashett Antoine / Nofal” invited to the signing ceremony of the novel “The Dead 232” by Juman Haddad (pictured) and the book “Country” by Akel Al-Avit in “Library”. Antoine” at the Beirut bazaars as part of the White design art presentation. “Murder 232” focuses on the explosion of the port of Beirut, because the main events take place an hour before the terrible event.

The book tells about two different stories that bring together many characters: a domineering husband Misha, a wife victimized by her husband and a corrupt regime, and Abbas, who calls himself “Hind” and declares himself a woman. As for “The Country”, it is a long poem in which the poet expresses his deep dissatisfaction with the regime and calls for “declaration of martial law and suspension of the gallows” for all corrupt Lebanese leaders and all of those that caused the port to explode.
* Signatures “Patay 232” and “Al-Bilad”: today, Thursday, Q: 17:00, “Antoine Library” (Beirut bazaars). open invitation.

Love between addiction and obsession!

In a seminar organized by the Lavender Library (Monastery of the River Law), specialist psychology trainer Zahra Sahib (photo) will discuss the topics of “pathological emotional attachment” and “love between addictions” tomorrow, Friday. and fascination.” The seminar focused on several areas, including: the definition of pathological emotional attachment disorder and its behavioral and psychological manifestations, the impact of pathological emotional attachment on human and emotional relationships, as well as the most important ways of dealing with this condition and ways to prevent it. .
* Seminar “Sick Emotional Attachment”: Tomorrow, Friday – Question: 19:00 – “Lavender Library” (Kanun al-Nahr Monastery – South Lebanon). For inquiries: 70/780042

We hammam on a date with art

Tomorrow Friday at “Artist’s House – Hamman” there will be a concert by Tantem Mejwiz and Beirut Jam Sessions. The evening included two performances by emerging artists. The first is Galah Waji by Salwa Jaradat and Etienne, and the second is Rust by Petra Hawi (pictured) and Hani Manga. They will combine traditional Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian music with modern electronic instruments to create new sounds for the younger generation they belong to. Note that both shows are part of a global project for cultural and creative industries.
* Show Galah Waji and Rust: Tomorrow, Friday – T: 20:30 – “Bahay ng Artista – Hamman” (Baabda district). For inquiries: 05/532544