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India bans wheat exports for fear of jeopardizing its food security in the face of high world prices

India’s Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the ban on wheat exports, which was implemented on Saturday.

According to RIA Novosti, exports are only allowed for pre-arranged shipments prior to the ban, or with special permission from the Government of India.

A (special) document can be issued to meet the critical grain needs of other countries.

The ministry noticed that the world price of wheat was dangerously rising. As a result, India’s food security has been compromised.

Earlier, Indian authorities cut their forecast for wheat production in the country by 5.7% due to the expected arrival of heat, which affected crop yields.

According to the spokesman of the United Nations World Food Program (FAO), Thomson Perry, the crisis in Ukraine could lead to rising food prices and world hunger.

Berry noted that Ukraine and Russia account for 76% of the world’s sunflower supply, 30% of wheat exports and 20% of corn exports.

Source: RIA Novosti

Source: Arabic RT

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