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swiftonomics. The tour that became a political case

What happens when millions of fans willing to spend large amounts of cash in banknotes for concerts but can’t beat a sales platform online🇧🇷 A serious mishap, which goes far beyond outrage and extends to politics. It all started with the sale of tickets for the tour of the American singer Taylor Swift in the United States, when the Ticketmaster platform could not withstand the strong demand for concert tickets.

Whether you like this type of music or not, it is impossible to ignore that he is one of the names that, in addition to breaking records in the world of transmission, moves millions of dollars, almost as if he has the Midas touch. Let’s look at the numbers: Forbes frequently updates the artist’s net worth, estimating that, in June of this year, he was valued at 570 million dollars, around 550 million euros. The estimate already earned the American a place on the list of self made women from the USA, where he was ranked 48th. But in another list, that of the highest paid artists, Swift was even further ahead, with an estimated cache of 52 million dollars, guaranteeing the 25th position. In this championship, in addition to the sale of records and tickets, he also does big business to lend his image to companies like Peloton or Starbucks.

East classification of the highest paid artists was made in February. But in November, the scenario could be different. At the age of 32, she released a new album, “Midnights”, which was released on October 21 and quickly climbed the chart of the most listened to music platforms. transmission. This week, several songs from the album are on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, which aggregates the most popular songs, counting plays on transmission, sales and reach in radio stations. “Anti-Hero”, the first unique coming off the most recent album, it has been at number one for four consecutive weeks.

As fans expected, a tour to present the tenth studio album live – and beyond – was announced. “I am delighted to announce my next tour: Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’, a journey through the musical eras of my career (past and present)”, could be read in the announcement made by the artist. The desire to see Swift live, who had not toured since 2018 (in 2020 she was supposed to go through Portugal, but the pandemic changed the tours), also served as fuel. In the United States, dozens of dates for concerts were announced, mainly in stadiums -with the capacity to receive a considerable number of fans-. There was the promise of international dates and the start of pre-sales on November 15 and 18 for general sales. Even before the 15th, 17 more US dates were announced, adding to the already extensive tour. In total, there were 52 concerts with tickets available, in 17 US states, with concerts beginning in the spring of 2023.

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Source: Observadora

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