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Vueling strike with reduced impact on both flight departures and arrivals

The strike at the Vueling airline has had a limited effect, according to the company, which says that it will be able to operate this Sunday 90% of the 561 flights it had planned throughout its network.

Vueling plans to operate 502 flights as normal this Sunday throughout its network: 136 of the 162 scheduled in Barcelona (84%), 198 of the 215 scheduled in the rest of Spain (92%) and 169 of the 184 scheduled internationally (92% ) .

According to the information available on the ANA — Aeroportos de Portugal website, in the early afternoon three scheduled flights had departed and the same number had arrived, with no record of cancellations.

The airline explained that it preventively canceled the 58 who were not covered by the minimum services for the new day of strike, called by the cabin crew union STAVLA, and that it has managed, since the first day of the strike, on November 1, to operate around 90% of scheduled flights.

According to the company, 90% of customers affected by cancellations could be transferred to other flights or request a refund, while the other 10% have not yet decided which option is best for them.

Source: Observadora

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