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How is journalism on television? 3 directors explain

Discussing information here at the Observer had been an idea for some time, I even mentioned it to Miguel Pinheiro before the summer, but autumn turned out to be more attractive for exercise. It was a matter of listening to those who today direct the information of three television channels, trying to understand how every day an increasingly essential window opens to the world, and it is enough to think only of the war in Ukraine to give a very eloquent idea of this indispensability.

Above all, it was a question of placing side by side or in confrontation —it was up to them to decide— three “masters” of information who had been dealing with it for years, who had done everything or almost everything in journalism and today direct this polyphonic news universe, passionate and always prone to controversy: sitting opposite me in Observador’s studio, it was very interesting to follow António José Teixeira from RTP, Nuno Santos from TVI and Ricardo Costa from SIC. Accompanying the flight of their respective reasoning, observing how they think, registering where they approach, deviate or converge, in short, how our daily bread of information lives in daily life. They agreed more than one might imagine on almost everything; I disagreed with them more than I would have anticipated. Absolutely to see, read and listen.

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Source: Observadora

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