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“You can blame the rich for almost anything”

What are the advantages of capitalism? Why is the story of a system that systematically lifts countries and people out of poverty such a bad name? Rainer Zitelmann spoke about this, who was in Portugal to present his book In defense of capitalismspoke to the Observer.

Zitelmann’s work is quite varied. From Hitler to Adenauer, the historian has written about all the major German policies of the 20th century. This book comes at a time when, after a few decades of capitalist euphoria, Zitelmann sees his advantages threatened, not by real counterproposals, but by what he sees as ideological propaganda based on historical ignorance. It is this lack of knowledge that Rainer Zitelmann says he wants to combat, with an avalanche of data and statistics that prove how, all over the world, capitalism has reduced poverty and raised the standard of living.

This is a conversation that ranges from 20th century history to the great tech billionaires, from ethical issues to socialist revolutions, always around the poor, the rich, and a subject as vast as capitalism.

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Source: Observadora

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