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Pensioners demonstrate this Tuesday against the rise in the cost of living

Hundreds of pensioners promise to take to the streets this Tuesday in the main cities of the country to demand an update of 60 euros on all the reforms, as well as government measures to curb inflation in basic necessities.

For the main avenues and squares of the country are signposted concentrations, demonstrations and distribution of information to the populationthe president of the National Confederation of Retirees, Pensioners and the Elderly of MURPI, Isabel Gomes, told the Lusa news agency.

Actions are planned in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Leiria, Braga, Guimarães, Aveiro, Viseu, Guarda, Entroncamento, Almada, Setúbal, Barreiro, Beja, Évora, Grândola, Portalegre and Faro, in an initiative of MURPI and Inter-Reformados ( CGTP-Entry).

Pensioners demand that the Government stop the rise in prices of essential goods such as milk, meat and fish.

According to the MURPI leader, even pensioners with pensions equal to or greater than 1,000 euros face difficulties in paying for medicines and the cost of renting housing, with cases of people being forced to change their house for a room.

Pensions paid in January covered by new IRS withholding tables

“The pensioners received their pension at the beginning of this month with an amount well below what is owed to them. With the juggling of half board in October, this month’s pension should bring an increase of the order of 7% to 8%it only came with 3.5% and 4.8%,” protest organizers said in a statement.

Source: Observadora

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