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ADSE will increase the amounts it pays to individuals for the second time in just over a year

ADSE — The Public Institute for Participated Management will increase the prices it pays to private providers for the second time in just over a year. The proposal to review the regime’s chart that was presented last December aims to “recover records and doctors who have been leaving the agreements with the ADSE,” according to what Eugénio Rosa, representative of the beneficiaries, reported to the Público newspaper. The goal is to avoid further deviations from the convention.

This proposal to increase the prices of the agreed regime is justified by the increase in costs caused by inflation last year. It was presented to the government on December 9, but the positive response only came last Friday (January 20), always according to statements by Eugénio Rosa to the same newspaper.

The representative of the beneficiaries on the ADSE board of directors explains that a new table will now be proposed to private providers with the purpose of “returning to the conventions the acts and doctors who left” since September 2021.

The approval of a new price list was also required by ADSE’s general and supervisory council. This body challenged —in a resolution published on January 12— the delay in the inauguration of the elected members in November 2022, a situation that also depends on the government’s response.

List F calls to oppose the elections for the ADSE General and Supervisory Board

Source: Observadora

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