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Is a smartphone coming from Coca-Cola? The Internet vibrates with the image of a red telephone

Coca-Cola, one of the world’s best-known brands, may have a smartphone. This is at least the hypothesis that some defend”leakers“linked to the world of technology, informants who try to anticipate characteristics of smart phones before the official launch.

This week, the Universelce account shared on Twitter the image of the side of a red smartphone, with the Coca-Cola logo. “Here is the first look at the new Cola Phone. Perhaps Coca-Cola collaborates with one of the leading brands in smart phones Guess which one?”, could be read on Twitter.

That was enough to make a lot of people curious about a possible collaboration. Even so, the image did not bring big surprises, since it only shows a device with two cameras, red in color, and saying Coca-Cola.

Later, Mukul Sharma, known as Stuff Listings on Twitter, shared an image of the alleged phone, saying that the brand “is collaborating with a brand of smart phones for the new phone”, mentioning that it could launch in the first quarter in the Indian market.

Given the position of the cameras, there are those who are trying to guess the provider involved in this collaboration – at the moment, there is talk of the Chinese Realme, which hit the market as a sub-brand of Oppo. The images of the alleged Cola Phone are similar to those of the Realme 10, released in November 2022.

Comparison between the alleged Coca-Cola phone and the Realme 10, on the right

The Realme 10 series also includes a Pro and Pro+ version. If confirmed, it should be an entry-level device, with prices that, in the European market, will be between 130 (Realme 10), 220 euros (10 Pro) and 230 (10 Pro+).

If the existence of this Cola Phone is confirmed, it could be one more name in the list of brands that have collaborated with manufacturers of smart phones for special editions. Realme has already made a phone inspired by “Dragon Ball Z” and another in “Naruto”. Huawei had an edition with Porsche in equipment from the Mate range and Samsung even made a limited edition with “Pokémon”, in which you could even store the headphones in a pokéball.

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