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CP and IP workers on strike on February 9 for salary appreciation

The employees of CP – Comboios de Portugal and Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) will be in strike on february 9 Given the lack of response to the salary improvement proposals, Fectrans announced this Wednesday.

“The direction of SNTSF/Fectrans [Sindicato Nacional dos Trabalhadores do Setor Ferroviário/ Federação dos Sindicatos dos Transportes e Comunicações] In a meeting held today, it was decided to send a strike notice to CP, IP-Infraestruturas, IP-Telecom, IP-Patrimóvel and IP-Engenharia, for February 9, with a duration of 24 hours”, reads a note released this Wednesday.

The issue is the lack of response from the two companies to the salary improvement proposals.

For the unions, the proposals presented “fall short” in the values ​​necessary to restore the purchasing power of workers.

Source: Observadora

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