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UK to ban TikTok on government phones

The UK will ban the TikTok app from computers used by government officials, it was announced Thursday. The measure has immediate effects.

Government officials may only use smart phones requests from a pre-approved list. But there are some limited exceptions to using TikTok in case you need it. “operational reasons”, explained Oliver Dowden, a member of the British government. Employees will still be able to use TikTok on their personal devices.

“This is a proportional movement taking into account a specific risk in government teams,” he explained.

In this way, the British government follows a decision that has already been taken in countries like the United States, Canada or Belgium. In addition, the European Commission banned civil servants from using the short video app on government computers.

The European Commission bans employees from using TikTok

TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has faced intense scrutiny, raising questions about whether user data could have found its way into the hands of the Chinese government.

The company has dismissed suspicions about security. Last week he announced Project Clover, through which he intends to “introduce a series of new measures to improve current data protections”, also announcing the opening of data centers in Ireland and Norway.

TikTok to open data protection centers in Ireland and Norway

Source: Observadora

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