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STOP announces a large demonstration for April 25. Strike notice extended until April 16

The Union of All Education Professionals (STOP) announced today that it will continue the fight and called on all civil society to join a large demonstration on April 25 in Lisbon.

“We are going to Lisbon to say that there is simply no money for those who work, there are millions for bankers, public-private partnerships, large compensation and party ‘boys’, but there is no money for public services,” he told reporters. the president of the union, André Pestana, in Coimbra.

The union leader, who was speaking at a press conference at the end of a meeting with the union strike committees from the north to the south of the country, guaranteed that the struggle of teachers and education professionals will continue and that the notice of strike will be in force until at the end of March will be extended until April 16.

According to André Pestana, the fight will continue “because the country increasingly feels the support of civil society for everything that these education professionals have given as a great example of citizenship.”

“Given the intransigence of the Government in trying to impose illegal minimum services and in trying to intimidate those who carry out peaceful national demonstrations, we call on all civil society to hold on April 25 the largest demonstration this country has ever had in this century,” he stressed. .

In the opinion of the president of STOP, “people realize” that the fight is “for their children and grandchildren”, to prevent “students from going quickly and superficially through school and then having a precarious job for the rest of their life or have to emigrate”.

At the meeting, the participants approved a series of local initiatives, from continuing marches, vigils, camps, “despite all the attacks that have been made to try to intimidate peaceful protests.”

André Pestana admitted the existence of fatigue on the part of some professionals, but stressed that they are the same ones who say that “the fight cannot stop now, because it is far superior to individual life.”

“This is a fight for the type of society we want, with a quality public school for those who work and study there, but also a society with the right to strike and peaceful demonstrations,” stressed the leader, who stressed that the professionals of education “they do not intend to leave their children a society without quality public services.”

Source: Observadora

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