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Rui Nabeiro. A rich man who loved to live

The street never lost the smell of coffee. In the house built in the year of the Revolution, you can see the Delta offices and, in other times, you could see the factory. The path was covered every day on foot. “Saturdays and Sundays”. That was the only way it was possible to create an empire in the depths of a country that so often denies its bowels. An empire that is always “ours”, never “mine”. Campo Maior is a land that could never see the birth of a coffee plantation, but there was a man who saw in it an open door to the world. His name was Rui Nabeiro and he passed away this Sunday at the age of 91.

Getting Delta out of Campo Maior never crossed his mind. “Who can take something from a place that has given you so much?” And the opportunities abounded. Rui Nabeiro never hid the fact that, more than once, he was offered “many millions” for the company that he created from scratch, in 1961, with an artisanal machine that roasted 30 kilos of coffee. Giants like Nestlé, Pepsi or Kraft wanted to take over the Campo Maior diamond. “Whoever bought it did not stay in provincial land. It was in Lisbon, ”he said last year in an interview with the SIC High Definition program. So the business was always out of the question. “Men are not sold, they are created.”

The businessman Rui Nabeiro, founder of Delta Cafés, died. I was 91 years old

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Source: Observadora

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