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Rui Miguel Nabeiro, the successor of the Delta empire who does not want to be a copy of his grandfather

The idea was already on the way, but it was after lunch at Martinho da Arcada, in Lisbon, that the decision was made. Swiss competition had made the world addicted to pod coffee, with the help of George Clooney, and everyone was wondering why Delta didn’t have anything like it. After that lunch, Rui Nabeiro, founder of the Campo Maior empire, did not hide his frustration from his grandson.

It was the push that Rui Miguel Nabeiro, at that time responsible for the group’s strategic and operations area, needed to get down to work. Delta Q was born soon after, shaky at first, but on track eventually. Today, it is worth 25% of the approximately 430 million euros that Delta earns annually. It was the great acid test for Rui Miguel Nabeiro, who from his grandfather, who died this Sunday at the age of 91, inherited not only the name but a whole legacy in one of the largest family businesses in the country.

Rui Nabeiro. A different millionaire who longed to live longer

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Source: Observadora

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