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Construction production rises in January in the euro zone and the EU, Portugal with the third highest advance

Construction production advanced, in January, by 0.9% in the euro zone and by 1.4% in the European Union, compared to the same month in 2022, with Portugal registering the third largest increase (6.3%) among Member States, according to Eurostat.

In the comparison with December 2022, construction production grew, in January, 3.9% in the euro area and 3.5% in the EUaccording to the European Statistical Office.

In the interannual variation, the greatest advances in the indicator were registered in the Slovenia (26.7%), Slovakia (14.7%) and Portugal (6.3%) and the main decreases in Belgium (-4.7%), Hungary (-3.6%) and Finland (-2.7%).

In the chain comparison, the main increases were observed in Germany (12.6%), Slovenia (9.8%) and Poland (7.0%), with Hungary (-5.0%), Romania (- 4.3%) and Belgium (-1.5%). had the largest falls.

Compared to December 2022, Construction production increased by 5.8% in Portugal.

Source: Observadora

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