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Madeira will invest 140 million euros in the agricultural sector until 2027 within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy

Madeira will invest 140 million euros in the agricultural sector until 2027, within the scope of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agrarian Policy (PEPAC), the regional government announced on Tuesday, indicating that support for small investments will double.

The regional secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Humberto Vasconcelos, explained that 119 million euros correspond to EU funds and 21 million euros come from the region’s budget.

Humberto Vasconcelos intervenes in the plenary session of the Madeira Legislative Assembly, in which he presented on Tuesday the proposal for an autonomous legislative decree to define the conditions for the application of Axis F of the Strategic Plan of the Common Agricultural Policy for Portugal to the autonomous communities of the region .

The official stressed that the maximum amount of support for small agricultural investments “ranges from 10 to 20 thousand euros“, medium investments will be entitled to aid between 20,000 and 100,000 euros and large investments may exceed 100,000 euros.

Humberto Vasconcelos defended that it is “a diploma of great importance for the agricultural sector of Madeira”, recalling that it is part of a national management that “aims to promote an even more sustainable agricultural and forestry activity in all regions of Portugal“.

During the evaluation of the document, the socialist deputy Sílvia Silva accused the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP) of lack of strategypointing out that community money “has not been lacking”.

For his part, Rafael Nunes, from Juntos por el Pueblo (JPP), considered that, “in addition to community financing”, it is necessary “a new position of the Regional Government“.

In the same sense, the sole deputy of the PCP, Ricardo Lume, criticized that Madeira takes advantage of “community funds not to guarantee better profits for farmers, but to give profits to intermediaries.”

Source: Observadora

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