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Portuguese Nurses Union announces new national strikes for June 28 and 30

After a meeting of the National Board, the Portuguese Nurses Union announced the programming of two new national strikes for June 28 and 30 due to “the lack of response from the Ministry of Health” to a request for a meeting. The statement was made this Thursday by José Carlos Martins, president of the SEP, through a video shared on Facebook.

Fighting, among other things, for better working conditions, the nurses will meet again (as they did in the last national strike, which occurred on May 12) in front of the Ministry of Health on June 30, around 11 am In the booklet of the union’s claim is the “counting of points” for the purposes of career progression; the “retroactive payment of payments from 2018”; “the restoration of salary parity between the Nursing career and the Higher Technician career and others in the Health area”; “early retirement” or even the “issuance of vacations for the CIT in the same number as for the Civil Service”.

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Considering that “numero cadro de Governo com majority absolute” to “war will be long and will have several continuous, persistent and organized battles” in the search for solutions, José Carlos Martins recalls that “the career of Nursing is not restricted to wage rates “, but what there are “more conditions that hinder and prevent professional development in the near future.”

During the almost four minutes of video, the Portuguese Nurses Union revealed that it is “preparing a cycle of debates on topics of interest to all nurses”, which will be announced soon. “The SEP will launch a debate cycle, framed in a proposal for a deeper change to the career, which will take place throughout this year and for which we call on your participation.”

Source: Observadora

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