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Strike at Easyjet. Union talks about 100% adherence, company aims at around 70%

The cabin crew union says that the strike at EasyJet had 100% adherence this Friday, the first day of the strike, but the company reported that about 30% of the scheduled workers showed up for service.

In statements to the Lusa news agency, Ana Dias, from the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), said that, similar to what happened in the strike from April 1 to 3, membership is 100%, because the only ones flights who are being carried out correspond to minimum services, with the exception of the Lisbon-Porto connection at 7:30 p.m., which will be provided by management.

An official source from the airline told Lusa that around 30% of scheduled crew members to work this friday attended the service in the respective airports, that is to say, that the adherence to unemployment is around 70%.

Dozens of EasyJet cabin crew gather this Friday next to Terminal 1 of the Lisbon airport to ask for better working conditions, in the first of five days of strike, which led the company to previously cancel 385 flights.

In statements to journalists, the president of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), Ricardo Peñarroias, insisted that the company has come, over the years, to approach the demands of workers from other countries, but not in portugal He also added that the company wants to convey an image that there is no chaos at the airport, devaluing the strike and preferring to cancel flights, and recalled that the strike has already had its impact because minimal services are being carried out.

Cabin crew strike EasyJet started this Friday and is repeated on May 28 and 30 and June 1 and 3.

easyJet crews begin their five-day strike in May and June this Friday

The stoppage covers “all flights carried out by EasyJet”, as well as “other services to which cabin crew are assigned”, whose “presentation schedule occurs in the national territory starting at 00:01 and ending at 00:00 hours of each one of them”. the days” mentioned, reads the notice of strike, released by the union.

When the stoppage was scheduled, EasyJet said it was “extremely disappointed” with the strike call, deeming the union’s proposal for raises of between 63% and 103% “unfeasible”, and announced it would make changes to flights before the strike. to mitigate the impact on customers.

In a statement dated May 19, SNPVAC assured that “EasyJet previously decided to proceed with the massive cancellation of flights: of the original 458 flights departing from the Portuguese bases in Lisbon, Porto and Faro, the company has already canceled 384 flights in advance, that is, 84% of the planned flights”.

Source: Observadora

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