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“A stigma was created” against large companies

Visabeira is one of the largest Portuguese companies. It is based in Viseu. It jumped to the pages of the most prominent newspapers in 2009 when it bought Vista Alegre and Bordallo Pinheiro. The purchase of Bordallo Pinheiro, which had the direct commitment of the Government headed at that time by José Sócrates, who had Manuel Pinho as Minister of Economy, was celebrated precisely with the presence of the then Prime Minister. “The best way to respond to the crisis is to do something. We do not solve all the problems, but some do, like Bordallo Pinheiro”, said José Sócrates, at the ceremony that marked this purchase, in 2009, quoted by Lusa.

Nuno Terra Marques, general director of Visabeira since 2015, assumes, after 14 years of the two companies being in the group’s portfolio, that Vista Alegre Atlantis —which in 2023 will celebrate its 200th anniversary and will have a commemorative program that its president is finalizing— and Bordallo Pinheiro are viable. And it is this spirit of recovery of the companies that is also launching Visabeira in the process of privatizing Efacec, although the head of state is concerned about the financial situation -and deteriorating- of the company in Maia that the previous government of António Costa nationalized and now tries to sell.

Is being a candidate for Efacec a favor? “No. It is a strategic commercial interest of Visabeira”, who fears for the company. “It is connected to the machines”

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Source: Observadora

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