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Minister: teleworking expenses up to 22 euros exempt from taxes and contributions

The amount up to which teleworking expenses will be exempt from taxes and contributions will be 22 euros per monthwith the possibility of a 50% increase, the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security announced this Tuesday.

Ana Mendes Godinho spoke at the end of a lunch-debate organized by the International Club of Portugal, under the theme “Decent Work Agenda”, held in a hotel in Lisbon.

“It was signed yesterday [segunda-feira] the ordinance that allows up to 22 euros per month for expenses related to teleworking to be exempt from contributions and the IRS and This value can be increased by 50% if it is part of the collective bargaining between employers and workers.”the minister announced.

An official source from the office later explained to Lusa that the ordinance, which has not yet been published, will define a daily value of 10 cents to offset additional electricity costs, 40 cents to offset personal Internet costs and 50 cents for computer use and own equipment.

In practice, These values ​​translate into one euro per day for additional teleworking expenses (22 euros per month, taking into account 22 working days of work) and the 50% increase will apply to workers covered by collective labor regulation instruments, rising in these cases to 1.5 euros per day (33 euros per month, in the case of 22 working days).

The Government ordinance to define the tax and contributory exemption limit for additional expenses due to teleworking was planned since May in the labor changes approved within the framework of the Decent Work Agenda.

The labor changes of the Decent Work Agenda have been in force since May 1 and the law now establishes that the individual employment contract and the collective contract must establish, when concluding the agreement to provide for teleworking, the amount of worker’s compensation for additional expenses.

The regulation of teleworking in collective agreements activates the law

If there is no agreement on the valueThe additional expenses that the teleworking worker presents through invoices must be considered, comparing the values ​​of current expenses with those prior to the transition to teleworking.

The new law establishes that compensation is considered, for tax purposes, a cost for the employer and does not constitute income for the worker, up to the limit of the value defined in the joint decree on tax and social security matters. .

Source: Observadora

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