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“Some solutions” are found for workers laid off after the Autoeuropa strike

The Government met again with representatives of the workers of the Autoeuropa industrial estate to take stock of the situation of temporary workers dismissed due to the suspension of production. There are already “some solutions” on the ground, which include training through the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) or streamlining access to unemployment benefits, already provided for by law, for workers who do not have the period bonus required to access. Unemployment benefit.

This is what Daniel Bernardino, coordinator of the works councils of the Autoeuropa Industrial Park, tells Observador, after the meeting attended by the Secretaries of State for Labor, Social Security and Economy, on the side of the Executive. “Some solutions were found, but not as many as we expected“, laments Daniel Bernardino.

According to the representative of the industrial estate workers (i.e. Autoeuropa’s suppliers, many of whom are also affected by the suspension of production), 425 temporary fired, 276 “were identified as registered [no IEFP] “Try to find a solution, either through training or by receiving unemployment benefits more quickly, in the case of those who were not entitled to it.”

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Source: Observadora

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