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State Budget vote scheduled for November 29

The final global vote on the State Budget is scheduled for November 29th in the Assembly of the Republic. The document will be delivered on Tuesday, October 10 and the debate begins on the 26th with a preliminary hearing to the Minister of Finance.

The calendar was closed at the Leaders Conference this Wednesday. The approval of the General State Budgets for next year will occur at the end of November, after almost a month of discussion in general and later in detail.

The start of the debate on the Budget is scheduled for October 26 and 27, with preliminary hearings for Fernando Medina and Ana Mendes Godinho, Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security. After these two hearings, the general debate will take place, scheduled for October 30 and 31. It’s also the day 31 October that the proposal presented by the Government be voted on initially.

During the month of November, the debate on the specialty takes place, with hearings for all the ministers that make up the executive, and from November 23 to 29, the vote on the specialty takes place, with the final global vote scheduled. for November 29, thus giving space for its analysis and approval by the President of the Republic to enter into force on January 1, 2024.

Source: Observadora

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