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PRR. The town councils warn that deadlines are possible “but nothing can be missed”

The president of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP) warned this Wednesday that the execution dates of investments for the construction of housing within the framework of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) are achievable, “but nothing can be lost “.

In Porto, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of a ceremony in which dozens of mayors signed terms of responsibility for the construction or rehabilitation of housing for vulnerable families, Luísa Salgueiro commented that the deadline of June 30, 2026 is the objective for everything is finished. .

The Government contracts with the town councils 328 million euros from the PRR to rehabilitate or build homes

“At this point it is still possible. If everything goes well it is possible. We have two years, ideally half for the tender and a year and a half for the contract and there are also new constructive solutions. It is still possible, nothing can fail, neither in terms of public procurement nor in terms of project execution,” stated the president of the ANMP.

The Government announced on Tuesday, in Évora, an investment of 328 million euros, within the scope of the PRR, for the construction or rehabilitation of 2,871 homes for vulnerable families.

Along with this package, there are others underway aimed at the construction or rehabilitation of health centers, as well as schools, with the aim of deadline June 30, 2026a date that has motivated the Government to ask local authorities to accelerate the launch of competitions.

PRR: Moedas calls for urgency in the approval of housing projects

“Failure to meet the June 30 target means that there are Portuguese families who will not have access to these necessary homes and 26,000 will not arrive. There have to be 53 thousand and we have to continue with this collective effort. […]. It’s not just housing projects, it’s schools and health centers. And this Government announced the issue of the new airport, the third passage of the Tagus, the southern international corridor, and the railway works. It is a huge collective effort in which the construction sector must be fully aligned“said this Wednesday the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Miguel Pinto Luz.

The minister spoke on the sidelines of the event in which he was with the Vice Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Castro Almeida, and where both asked the mayors for speed, speaking of “shared responsibilities.”

“The Government, with the signing of these contracts, does not shake the water from the coat. The State must assume responsibility for the delay in signing these contracts. These contracts could have been signed months ago. The responsibility is joint and we will not renounce that responsibility,” said Miguel Pinto Luz.

On this issue, Luísa Salgueiro agreed that “the processes should already be more advanced”, refusing, however, to hold the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) responsible. “We all know what happened. The IHRU could not respond, it had a very small structure and all the requests were concentrated. We have to find solutions together,” stated the mayor of Matosinhos.

When asked by journalists about whether she can guarantee compliance with the dates, the mayor was cautious, but assured that everything is accelerating. “We cannot have that guarantee. At the moment, City councils are accelerating everything that is available. […]. Launching the competitions and fulfilling everything that is your responsibility. We must wait for the tenders to receive proposals from the companies, there being enough companies in the market to meet all these objectives, and also for the litigation to allow the deadlines to be met and the works to be carried out within the deadlines. “We are in a very short time,” he stated.

Source: Observadora

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