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China criticizes EU for raising tariffs on electric vehicle imports

This Wednesday, China criticized possible increases by the European Union (EU) in import tariffs on electric vehicles from the Asian country, considering that they are Protectionism and harm to European interests..

“This goes against the principles of the market economy and the rules of international trade, and undermines economic and trade cooperation between China and the EUas well as the stability of global automobile production and supply chains,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian at a press conference.

Lin Jian’s statement, cited by Agence France-Presse (AFP), came even before the publication of a statement from the European Commission, which threatened this Wednesday to increase, as of July 4, these tariffs on imports by concluding that these were unfair practices. by Beijing for the benefit of Chinese builders.

The EU threatens to increase import tariffs on Chinese electric cars from July

In a statement released this morning, the community executive indicated that, provisionally, imports of electric vehicles from BYD will be taxed at 17.4%, Geely at 20% and SAIC at 38.1%, these being the brands included in the investigated sample. .

Based on the findings of the investigation, the Commission provisionally established that “it is in the EU’s interest to remedy the effects of the unfair trade practices detected by imposing provisional countervailing duties on imports of electric vehicles from China.”

For Brussels, China’s electric vehicle value chain benefits from unfair subsidies, which is causing a threat of economic damage to EU manufacturers.

The European Commission opened an investigation into these subsidies last year, an investigation that the Chinese government spokesman considered “a typical case of protectionism.”

“The EU uses it as a pretext to impose customs duties on electric vehicles imported from China“Lin Jian lamented.

“Ultimately, this would be detrimental to the European Union’s own interests,” he considered.

In addition to the three mentioned in the statement, other Chinese electric car manufacturers that cooperated with the investigation but were not included in the sample will pay a tax of 21% and those that did not cooperate, 38.1%.

Brussels also contacted the Chinese authorities to discuss these conclusions and possible ways to solve the problemBut if talks with the Chinese authorities do not lead to an effective solution, these provisional countervailing duties will be introduced from July 4 through a guarantee whose form will be decided by the customs of each Member State.

Source: Observadora

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