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Montenegro: “It does not occur to me” that Parliament could reject a reduction in the IRS for young people

The prime minister stated this Wednesday that it does not “cross his mind” that Parliament does not approve the reduction of the IRS for young people up to 35 years of age and stated that he considers the measure to be constitutional.

In statements to journalists in Bern, upon boarding a train bound for Zurich, the last point of the joint trip with the President of the Republic within the framework of the June 10 celebrations, Luís Montenegro was asked about how he thinks young people qualified return or not leave Portugal.

The President of the Government admitted that the Government could reinforce the Regressar program of the previous executive “with new measures”, and maintained that “An enormous effort” is being made to retain these young people in Portugalspecifically through tax measures.

“Today, the legislative authorization that will allow the Government to legislate on the exemption from the IMT and the stamp tax for the first home is made available in the Assembly of the Republic,” he highlighted.

Asked if he trusts that the Government’s proposal on the youth SRI will be approved, which reduces it by a third at age 35, Luís Montenegro responded: “I don’t want it to cross my mind that the Assembly of the Republic is not on the side of the Government in creating an instrument that is extremely powerful.”

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“Only if the Assembly understands that we are going too far and wants less tax relief,” he stated.

The Prime Minister took advantage of the occasion to leave a guarantee on public accounts, stating that this tax reduction proposal “is feasible, affordable and safeguarding the country’s financial balance.”

In no way will we jeopardize our public accounts,” he assured.

When asked if this measure could not be unconstitutional, since it does not cover all citizens, Montenegro admitted that it was “a political option of the Government.”

Minister of Finance guarantees that IRS Jovem does not “leave any young people out”

“If I did not believe that it was constitutional, I would not have presented the proposal for legislative authorization. If there are constitutional problems, they will have to be resolved,” he stated.

After briefly admitting news about the railway in Portugal this Wednesday morning, before another train trip with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa to Switzerland, Montenegro sent more details for the coming weeks.

“We are working in the Government to be able to Promote and facilitate the use of the train as a means of transportation. for all Portuguese, so that they can enjoy the opportunity to get to know the country better, but also for more everyday trips: going to work, going to school, not only in metropolitan areas,” he added simply.

Source: Observadora

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