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The Porto Chamber opens public debate on the delimitation of the Aleixo Execution Unit

TO Porto City Hall approved this Wednesday the opening of public debate on the delimitation of the Aleixo Execution Unit, where the construction of tall buildings and a green park is planned.

“Then he came to a urban solution which focuses on high-rise construction to free up land for green areas and streets,” explained the councilor responsible for Urban Planning, Pedro Baganha, at the end of the municipal executive meeting.

The councilor explained that the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) approved in 2021 determined that the Aleixo area is an Operational Planning and Management Unit (UOPG), which means that there must be a consultation between all the owners of those lands, which, in this case, are three, one of which is City Hall .

The goal is to build taller buildings, freeing up space for the construction of a park and green streets, he explained.

“According to my calculations we are talking about five towers and then two smaller blocks.”Pedro Baganha specified.

The blocks destined for the municipality must be for affordable housing, he stressed.

“Taking into account that we are talking about 14,000 square meters that will remain the property of the city council, and that will not be delivered to Invesurb – Special Real Estate Investment Fund, I would say that we are talking about between 140 and 150 lights,” said the Urban Planning Councilor.

The Aleixo neighborhood was made up of five towers, tower 5 was demolished in 2011 and in 2013, during Rui Rio’s last term as mayor of Porto, tower 4 was demolished.

oh dismantling process of the three towers The rest of the work began in June 2019, having been completed even before the defined schedule, which indicated the end of the work for the month of December.

In November 2022, The Chamber of Porto approved the increase in the share capital of Invesurb 21.48%, after the increase with an amount of 483,300 euros.

The fourth modification of the contract with Invesurb – Special Real Estate Investment Fund It assumes that the municipality builds social housing in Eirinhas and Bairro do Leal and the fund finances the operation.

Source: Observadora

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