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PJ plans to open new facilities in Faro at the end of the year

The Judicial Police (PJ) plans to inaugurate the new Southern Directorate building in Faro at the end of the year, a project that will cost around five million euros, said this Thursday the deputy national director of the PJ, Carlos Farinha.

The contract is expected to end in September, when the transfer of the current facilities will beginlocated in the historic area of ​​the city, if there are no “overruns” in the work deadlineexplained the person in charge, who spoke during a seminar on violence held at Faro City Hall.

“The transfer to these new facilities is, for the Judicial Police, a goal for 2024. If possible, complete it in time for us to do it here [a celebração do] the 79th anniversary [da PJ], which will take place on October 20. If it is not possible, we think it will be at the end of the year,” he stated.

The PJ Sur board will move to the old building of the Higher School of Health of the University of the Algarve (UAlg), while the academy will take over the current police headquarters, whose capacity is no longer sufficient.

“A timely diagnosis confirmed that neither the current facilities were sufficient nor did they have the ideal location. They have an excellent location for other types of facilities, such as university housing, in an old and noble area of ​​the city,” he highlighted.

According to Carlos Farinha, in addition to the main project started six months ago, there are other works to be carried out, adapting an old school to a building with specific criminal investigation and police activity services.

The previous Government authorized the expenses related to the reclassification contract for the new South Directorate building, by the Judicial Police, in March 2023, as part of a process that began about four years ago.

According to the PJ, the total planned investment is almost five million euros.

The current facilities, in Vila Adentro de Faro, will be integrated into the heritage of the University of the Algarve.

Source: Observadora

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