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The president of the Government of the Azores says that the Local Finance Law cannot penalize the autonomies

The president of the regional government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, defended this Thursday a “critical reflection” on the Local Finance Law, claiming that it penalizes local power, but also autonomies.

“I think it is fair that the local authorities, the autonomous government bodies, generate a critical reflection on what the future of the Local Finance Law should be, because as it is conceived it is penalizing, due to insufficient resources in the distribution of the national wealth, to the Portuguese municipalities and parishes, as well as penalizing autonomy and the financial regime within the framework of the Finance Law of the Autonomous Communities,” he stated.

The head of the Azores executive spoke at the 43rd anniversary of the elevation of the city of Praia da Vitória, on the island of Terceira.

The first MinisterLuis Montenegro, revealed, on Saturday, that the Government will present a new Local Finance Law, to “update” the financial resources framework in a “transparent, predictable and fair” way for municipalities to exercise new powers in terms of decentralization.

“We are focused on being able to present, in dialogue with the municipalities, a new Local Finance Law that can update this new framework and provide in a transparent, predictable and fair manner the financial resources that municipalities need to exercise the powers they have. assigned,” stated Luís Montenegro, referring to the decentralization of State powers.

The president of the executive of the Azores, from the same party, launched a “challenge so that the revision of the Local Finance Law does justice to the Portuguese local power”, but also so that it is a financial regime “fair for the autonomous regions and that comply with the constitutional references and its own prescriptions.”

“We do not intend that the responsibility of the State in the financing of Portuguese local communities be at the expense of the financial regime and the framework of the Portuguese Constitution in relation to the revenues of the Autonomous Region of the Azores,” he warned.

According to José Manuel Bolieiro, The current Local Finance Law contemplates “an artifice to withdraw income from the Autonomous Region of the Azores””with the creation and indexation of the variable rate of the IRS or tourist VAT”, which he described as “two elements of usurpation of the region’s own income.”

“Today I raise a cry in defense of autonomy, in the face of the financial cudgel that, through, in a biased manner, the Local Finance Law, is being imposed on the financial regime of the Autonomous Communities,” he stressed.

Only in the region’s budget for 2024, the executive of the Azores has foreseen a budget of 6 million euros to pay a debt with the municipalities of the Azores related to tourist VAT which, according to the president of the government, “penalizes investments regional”.

The president of the Praia da Vitória City Council (PSD/CDS), Vânia Ferreira, stated that the maritime and Atlantic vocation of the city remains unfulfilled, recalling that in the 2023 ceremony she had already warned about the urgent need to build a multipurpose dock in the city port.

“This is a structuring measure of the dynamism of the local business and the central group [dos Açores]. We continue and will continue to demand this structuring work. We continue and will continue talking about it whenever necessary. We continue and will continue to defend its implementation,” he stressed.

The president of the executive of the Azores considered “the adequate demand” and “timely to evaluate a calendar of necessary measures”, highlighting the “strategic importance of the blue economy” in the region.

“The response is positive, among other things because the claim is fair and also because there is already an installed capacity that needs, above all, to be improved, to be able to implement better and more investments to improve the installed capacity and also to find new designs for the return of quality of life, progress and development of economic activity in Praia da Vitória,” he highlighted.

Source: Observadora

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