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The supplier SCML sent the Government “new elements” supporting the dismissal of the previous management. The “real” restructuring plan arrives this month

The Minister of Labour denies that the dismissals in the entities under her supervision were politically motivated. In the case of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon, it is even said that the new supplier, Paulo Alexandre Sousa, found “new elements” that help justify the dismissal of the previous board.

“We now have new elements provided by the new Ombudsman that confirm that we were right” in the dismissal of the previous board, he said in a procedural hearing in Parliament on Wednesday, after arguing that the decision to dismiss Ana Jorge and her board was taken after a careful analysis of the entire situation.

The triangle of Peru, Canada and the United Kingdom that has already caused more than 8 million people to leave the Holy House without returning

These include “several irregularities in the process of alienation” of the Red Cross hospital, the fact that there were more than 300 delayed acquisition processes, many of them requiring immediate approval, and in “things as basic as the purchase of food,” a building in Monsanto “with capacity for 60 unoccupied beds,” the lack of a strategic plan for the playground, or properties without income.

“This was the situation that was found and that has already been reported. It says a lot about the previous director (…) I wish we had not obtained this information,” he added.

Rosário Palma Ramalho says that the Santa Casa restructuring plan should be “presented” in July. According to information gathered by El Observador, the document should be delivered to the trusteeship on the 18th, approximately one month after the new board takes office. And “it will be a real restructuring plan,” said the minister.

Source: Observadora

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