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50% to 100% of private nurses in Porto and Coimbra join the strike

The number of nurses in private hospitals joining the strike on Wednesday was between 50% and 100% in Porto and Coimbra, respectively, the leader of the Portuguese Nurses’ Union (SEP), Rui Marroni, told Lusa.

“Accession exceeded expectationsbecause in services, places and institutions where we did not foresee the adhesion, there was a 100% adhesion, particularly here at CUF in Porto, we had an overall adhesion of 55%, a blockage of around 50%, in Coimbra at CUF Coimbra a 100% adhesion, [Hospital da] “At Luz Coimbra we had 100% participation,” the union leader told Lusa.

Rui Marroni, who was at the CUF hospital in Porto for a meeting of nurses, also said that he still does not have definitive figures on the strike on Wednesday and Tuesday.

Asked about the statement issued by the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalization (APHP) on Tuesday, the union leader reiterated the “willingness to negotiate” despite saying that the APHP did not give “Continuation of the negotiation process from January of this year”.

On Tuesday, the APHP said in a statement that it had reached an agreement with five nursing unions and that the SEP “unexpectedly interrupted negotiations” and called for a new strike.

Stressing that it conducts all labour negotiations with “openness and availability”, the association says that “the increases granted this year reflect and confirm” the attitude of respect towards nurses and other professionals, which makes the reasons for the strike strange.

He adds that the agreement reached with the five unions updated the 2022 salary table with “very significant increases”, between 7.8% and 15.7%, and adds that the food subsidy increased to 6.10 euros.

In Lusa, Rui Marroni criticized the sector’s association on Wednesday, Speaking of “bad faith” and that the agreement was made with “unions that nobody knows”.

“If no meeting is called, we will have to meet with the nurses and decide on ways to fight, which could naturally involve new strikes,” he said.

As for the date of a future strike, he estimated that “it will surely be close.”

“This will happen in the near future because we cannot allow these situations to continue indefinitely,” he said.

Nurses demand a review of their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) based on the proposal created and presented by the SEP.

Source: Observadora

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