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Social Security admits that the dismissal at Autoeuropa was validated on Monday

The president of the Social Security Institute (ISS) said on Wednesday that the “dismissal” at Autoeuropa was not validated until Monday, but admitted that it was practically approved since the company submitted the application fulfilling the formal requirements.

“The process, let’s say, was somehow validated from a substantive point of view from the moment the company presented the formal requirements,” said Octávio Oliveira, acknowledging that there were some procedural delays in order to list workers who were on sick leave.

According to Octávio Oliveira, the Social Security validated the request of the Autoeuropa car factory on July 8 (Monday), and the amounts owed by the Social Security in the form of ‘dismissal’ are expected to be processed on July 17 and the respective payment will be made on July 26.

The president of the ISS was answering questions from MPs at a hearing of the Committee on Employment, Social Security and Inclusion, at the request of the parliamentary group of the PCP, on the consequences of the ‘dismissal’ for workers and supplier companies of Volkswagen Autoeuropa.

In her opening remarks, PCP MP Paula Santos had expressed “perplexity” at the fact that the “dismissal” had been applied to the workers of the Palmela car factory, in the district of Setúbal, even before the company had requested it and had been validated by the ISS.

During the hearing, Octávio Oliveira recalled that the The company’s management justified the use of “dismissal” on structural and technological grounds.provided for by law, and that the Autoeuropa Works Council accepted the request, following an agreement in which the company undertook to complete 100% of the workers’ salaries, with regard to salary and shift supplement.

The Autoeuropa factory in Palmela, in the district of Setúbal, decided to apply the ‘layoff’ regime to 3,742 of the company’s 4,900 workers over a period of eight days in June and 13 days in July, as part of a decarbonisation process and technological changes in the factory’s infrastructure, which are necessary for the production of new car models.

In prior negotiation with the Company Committee, the Autoeuropa undertakes to pay, in full, the salary and shift allowance to all workers during the application of the “dismissal” regime.

Questioned by MP Ana Paula Bernardo (PS) on the evolution of ‘dismissal’ in the country, the president of the ISS revealed that in 2022 68 employers used this instrument, with a total of 89,476 beneficiaries, which resulted in a charge of 132 million euros.

Octávio Oliveira added that in 2023, 2,479 entities resorted to dismissal, with a total of 33,845 beneficiaries and a cost of 31 million euros.

According to the ISS president, 21,776 employers had already resorted to “dismissal” by June this year, at a cost of 23 million euros.

Source: Observadora

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