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The CAP defends the attraction of immigrants and the pact on housing to avoid the “poverty” of workers

The Portuguese Farmers’ Confederation (CAP) is advocating the creation of a plan to attract immigrants, along with a pact on housing, to mobilise empty buildings, otherwise Portugal could have a “shortage” of workers.

“The lack of an immigrant attraction programme could lead to a shortage of professionals in the future, which will be dramatic for the companies that need them,” said CAP president Álvaro Mendonça e Moura in response to Lusa.

However, this plan must have “clear and fast” rules for visa issuance, employment opportunities, tax benefits and housing availability. Otherwise, workers will prefer other European countries, with better salaries and “more attractive” rules.

The former ambassador insisted that we must also look at the real estate crisis in portugalConsidering that for many years this issue was not addressed, “thinking that the matter would resolve itself.”

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CAP said that the plan to attract immigrants should be complemented by a housing pact, “which mobilizes all unoccupied buildings of the central State and local authorities for their conversion into individual or collaborative and community housing.”

Add Measures that penalize people for leaving buildings. for over a year. The Government recently approved changes to the Immigration Act, which put an end to expressions of interest.

It is also planned to strengthen human resources to support consular offices, particularly with regard to responding to applications for temporary stay visas.

To date, the CAP has not received any report on the impact of these changes on the agricultural sector.

Álvaro Mendonça e Moura acknowledged, however, that there may be agricultural workers with employment contracts, to be deducted from Social Security a few months ago, which may be affected “by the impossibility of regularizing as a result of this legislative change.”

CAP said, however, that in these cases, the Government and the AIMA (Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum) will find a way to integrate the workers.

The CAP leader once again expressed his concern about the “poor functioning” of AIMA, stressing that resolving the issue of “pending regularization and family reunification processes” should be a priority.

On June 25, the CAP had already mentioned, in parliament, that it was essential to think, in the context of Social Concertation, about a immigrant attraction plan and not only its control, which according to him is also necessary.

The Confederation of Farmers of Portugal says it is essential to think of a plan to attract immigrants and not just control

In May, Álvaro Mendonça e Moura had warned, also in the Assembly of the Republic, that the AIMA “has not been working” for months, asking that the resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs be reinforced.

Source: Observadora

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