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Climate fighter Brad Pitt spotted on a private jet

Climate change alarmist Brad Pitt, who once declared “there is no future” after President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, was recently spotted drinking gas with his friends on a private jet in Los Angeles, California.

Pitt, wearing an orange suit, rainbow-colored shoes, and a white bucket hat, was spotted on a plane on Monday with his stuff in a backpack and a guitar on his back. diary letter.

in 2017 Fight Club The star made a surprise appearance on Comedy Central as a weather forecaster to give the world a bleak outlook after former President Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“So it’s going to be hotter here and there,” Pitt said, pointing to the eastern and western hemispheres.

Asked if Jim Jeffries had “any predictions about the future,” Pitt bluntly replied, “There is no future.”

In 2018, Pitt and fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in a NowThis video that promoted interim participation by highlighting various left-wing causes such as climate change and gun control.

Pitt is just one of many celebrities who have lectured the American public on topics like the environment and climate change, but who eventually succumbed to the luxury, privacy and/or comfort of flying a plane or yacht.

Similarly, DiCaprio, who said earlier this year that planet Earth is “literally” nine years away from the “ticking clock”, continues to increase his carbon footprint by engaging in one of his favorite hobbies: hanging out on a yacht.

In July Titanic The star was caught enjoying what is called “off season” on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, France. Earlier this year, DiCaprio went to St. Petersburg, this time with then-girlfriend Camila Morrone. Barts.

Meanwhile, pop star Taylor Swift was named “celebrity’s biggest CO2 polluter this year,” according to a study by Yard, a sustainable marketing agency that compiles data on celebrities with “worst private jet CO2 emissions” in 2022.

Data shows that the “Don’t Blame Me” singer’s private jet has flown 170 times since January, with an average flight time of just 80 minutes and an average of 139.36 miles per flight.

“Taylor’s plane spent 22,923 minutes in the air – 15.9 days. That’s a pretty large amount considering he’s not currently on tour,” Swift said. Representatives of Swift tried to refute the report, saying the plane was “regularly chartered” to other VIP passengers.

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Source: Breitbart

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