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Saxophonist James Bradon Lewis performs in Braga in “July is Jazz”

The American saxophonist James Brandon Lewis performs in Braga in July as part of gnration’s “July is Jazz” series, included in the summer program of that space, announced today.

The 8th edition of “Julho é de Jazz”, “which features some of the most important names in modern jazz, is once again divided into two weekend eves”.

According to gnration, in a statement, the cycle opens on July 7 with Pocus, “the new trio led by the Portuguese trumpeter João Almeida -one of the promises of national jazz-, the double bass player Gonçalo Almeida and the drummer João Lobo”.

On July 8, the Portuguese trumpeter Luís Vicente takes the stage of the gnration, with the American “legendary musicians” William Parker and Hamid Drake.

gnration recalls that William Parker, “a double bass player approaching his 70th birthday, is a piece of improvisational jazz history,” and Hamid Drake “is considered one of the most influential drummers and percussionists operating in modern jazz.”

This trio will also be joined by the American saxophonist John Dikeman, “Luís Vicente’s regular collaborator”.

The “modern jazz musician of the moment”, James Brandon Lewis, will perform, on July 14, in a quartet, with Aruan Ortiz, on piano, Brad Jones, on double bass, and drummer Chad Taylor.

The last day of the cycle is dedicated to the new jazz made in Portugal, with the guitarist Mané Fernandes, who will present the album “Entre los sQUIGG”, and the trio Living with a Copule, which brings together the singer Leonor Arnaut, the guitarist João Carreiro and drummer João Pereira.

In July, the usual music program includes the debut in Portugal of the “American composer, singer, poet and multi-instrumentalist who has challenged the limits of jazz fusion, hip-hop and electronic music” Ben Lamar Gay, who on the 22nd presents his latest album, “Opem arms to open us”.

This concert, with free admission, is part of the program of the Kaleidoscope network.

On September 3, gnration hosts an afternoon of concerts with Bed Legs and Fumo Ninja, a band that brings together guitarist Norberto Lobo, singer Leonor Arnaut, drummer Ricardo Martins and pianist Raquel Pimpão.

On the same afternoon, an art installation by Brazilian multimedia artist and choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco, built in the context of an artist residency, will be presented.

The free admission program on September 3 is part of the White Night Braga 2022.

Also in September, on the 17th, the cycle of support for local artistic creation Trabalho da Casa presents a show, in which the Braga Mutu project, “which combines electronic and traditional music”, will present its debut album.

gnration’s summer music program ends on September 24, “With a Golden Key”.

That day, the Brazilian artist Rodrigo Brandão, “with a recognized career as a ‘spoken word’ MC”, invites the “legendary saxophonist” Marshall Allen and his Sun Ra Arkestra.

The exhibition program includes “Carva Lavra”, by visual and sound artist Gui Delindro, “which brings together local frequencies and materials captured during the winter of 2021/2022 in Pico do Pé de Cabril (Campo do Gerês)”. The exhibition, free of charge, will be exhibited at the gnration gallery between July 15 and October 1.

At the INL gallery, the multidisciplinary artist Ana Guedes will present a new installation built in an artists’ residence, which can be seen between September 24 and December 31.

Between September 3 and 10, “gnration will also exhibit the four winning artistic projects of the eighth edition of the program to support artistic creation Summer Laboratories”.

In the month of August, on Thursdays, gnration will screen four films outdoors in a series curated by director Eduardo Brito, Cinema no Pátio, with free admission, in which the following will be screened: “O Homem da Câmara de Filmes” (The The Man with the Movie Camera) (Dziga Vertov, 1929), “The Pickpocket” (Robert Bresson, 1959), “The Throne of Blood” (Akira Kurosawa, 1957) and “The Night” (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961).

gnration’s summer program is completed with the cycle of conversations on environmental research practices, “Ecotactics”, conducted and curated by Margarida Mendes. “On September 14, the third session of the cycle welcomes Melody Jue, a teacher, author, and diver who focuses her work on marine biology. The conversation takes place ‘online’, at 9:00 p.m., with free access”, reads the statement.

Source: Observadora

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