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“Citadel”. From thriller to thriller, Alex Belcher builds a unique sound universe

“Citadel” ended a little over a week ago, and it left its mark: it was Prime Video’s second-best debut. Despite the scale of the project, the audience was not expected to catch on to this megalomaniac plan by Amazon: because there are so many things that fail and this could be just one more. But the thriller from AGBO, the production company of the Russo brothers, delivered.

“Citadel” is not just a series. It is a global franchise of Amazon. What does this mean? “Citadel” will have several spin-offs that will cross the world and gather talent from the regions through which it passes. The next one will be released next year and it’s called “Citadel: Diana” and will star the Italian Matilda De Angelis. A thriller for the streaming age. The original six-episode series featured Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the lead roles. The history? It begins eight years after the end of the Citadel, an independent global spy agency, which had agents spread all over the world. Mason (Madden) and Nadia (Jonas) are two agents who survived the end of the Citadel, which was destroyed by another enemy super-organization, but were left with no memory. Over the course of six episodes, we see them return to their old jobs, while the entire future of the “Citadel” franchise is being set up. Due to the success of the first season, it will continue for many more years.

On the soundtrack is a name that has played a role in composing environments for thrillers for the past decade. The American Alex Belcher has movies like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “21 Bridges”, “Jack Reacher”, “The Predator”, series like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and video games, like “Uncharted 4 ”. In “Citadel”, as he explains in the following interview, I had to think about how to build the whole thing as if it were a very big movie and at the same time prepare the audience for this new idea of ​​a global franchise.. First impressions count a lot. And therefore we wanted to know how to reach those sounds, how to tell a story to the audience through music.

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