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A simulation of human thought activity has been launched on a quantum computer

The developer of quantum computers – the American company IonQ – reported the first experiments on quantum circuits to mimic human mental activity. The experiment’s task was to examine the fundamental possibility of running models of human cognition and decision-making on quantum “iron”. Initial results are encouraging, as reported by the company in a scientific publication.

The researchers recalled that for more than 60 years, psychologists systematically tried to get into the secret of a person’s knowledge of himself and his environment. Some aspects suggest that the path of human thought is somewhat (and sometimes very strongly) subject to the laws of quantum probability. It would be wrong not to forget this moment and not try to run the decision-making models derived by psychologists on quantum computers. If the components are chosen correctly, this will lead to the emergence of incredibly powerful tools for predicting certain events and create the prerequisites for the emergence of omniscient management platforms.

Together with an international group of scientists, IonQ experts were able to create quantum circuits, registers and gates that enable the simulation of human mental activity to be initiated. In fact, the mental states of man are encoded in qubits, which makes it possible to manipulate them and get a certain result. These are just the first steps. But they can go too far, and it’s not even possible to say whether it’s good or bad. Any working tool can be a weapon. And the new tool can turn against all humanity together.

“The potential impact of quantum computers that can mimic human decision-making cannot be overstated, as such a future becomes ever closer to reality,” he said. Peter Chapman, CEO and President of IonQ. — This breakthrough has enormous potential for areas such as generative AI, which enables the creation of complex and sophisticated AI systems that can produce highly realistic and creative results. Thanks to the unprecedented computational power of quantum computing, today’s research lays the most important foundation for the development of a complex network of correlations that will fuel future innovations.”

Source: Port Altele

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