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Scientists have discovered two gigantic structures in the Earth’s bowels

Beneath Africa and the Pacific Ocean, there are two giant clusters in the lowest part of Earth’s mantle that surrounds its core. They reportedly occupy between three and nine percent of our planet’s volume.

Of course, there’s still no direct way to see the Earth’s core – the deepest hole humans have ever dug is just 12,263 meters deep, which is still a long way from breaking through the lower layers of Earth’s crust (35,000 to 45,000 meters). ). But scientists have already learned to map the interior of the planet using seismic tomography, which captures energy waves during earthquakes. And this is sometimes enough for incredible discoveries.

This method revealed two large and strange structures called large low shear regions (LLSVPs). One of them was called “Tuzo”. Its height reaches about 800 kilometers, which is almost 90 Everest.

Considering that these objects are denser than the mantle around them, they must be made of a different material. But geologists still cannot determine this. Seismic tomography data is not sufficient even for density calculation.

One hypothesis proposes that LLSVPs are heaps of oceanic crust that have accumulated over billions of years.

Another version suggests that these rocks may be the remains of the ancient planet Theia. About 4.5 billion years ago, it supposedly collided with the Earth, causing the Moon to form. Now there are suggestions that some of its parts got stuck in the earth’s mantle and did not fly into distant space.

Source: Port Altele

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