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Scientist explains how to create a mummy according to ancient Egyptian “recipe”

British Egyptologist, author and TV presenter Chris Naunton explained the mummification process used by priests in Ancient Egypt step by step. First, the brain was removed using tools inserted through the nasal cavity. This process was designed to remove soft tissue from the skull.

A small incision was then made on the lower left side of the torso to remove the vital organs except the heart, which was considered the center of the mind and would be needed in the afterlife. The removed organs were stored in canopies – ritual vessels.

The next stage involved cleansing the body with palm wine and drying it using sodium salt, which prevented bacteria from growing and the body from further decomposing. This drying process took about 70 days.

The dried body was anointed with aromatic oils and resins to eliminate unpleasant odors and then wrapped in linen bandages. Once all preparations were complete, the mummy was placed in an ornate sarcophagus and given a ceremonial burial.

Source: Port Altele

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