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Several members of the Government failed to meet the deadline for submitting the register of interests

Among the ministers and secretaries of State, there are 56 members of the Government who have to deliver the declaration of registration of interests to the Assembly of the Republic. However, until the deadline indicated, only 23 elements presented it in the Parliament’s computer system, which caused almost two thirds to have delivered their statement after the deadline, reports Público.

Said declaration must be presented to the Assembly of the Republic within 60 days following the inauguration of the executive, that is, on May 30. According to the final report of the working group on registration of interests approved at the last meeting of the Commission for Transparency and the Statute of Deputies, 23 declarations will have been delivered by the deadline and the rest by July 27. However, based on the digital signatures of the documents on Parliament’s website, the newspaper concluded that only 18 documents had been submitted before the deadline. However, he adds that the discrepancy may be due to the fact that some rulers made changes to the initial declaration and the second version came in after May 30.

Prime Minister António Costa, the Minister of Finance and the Ministers of Parliamentary Affairs, Labor and Health are the five ministers who delivered the declaration within the deadline. The form must contain the positions, functions and activities carried out in the last three years, as well as the social positions and the identification of the companies in which the ruler (and the spouse) has participation.

Source: Observadora

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