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Enough makes the National Council official to vote on a motion of confidence in Ventura and extends the discussion to militants

Chega will hold the party’s 11th National Council on September 17 and 18, in Batalha, to vote on the motion of confidence in the leadership of André Ventura, and the meeting will be open to members for discussion, which will function as the First Assembly Party plenary.

This motion follows the resignation of Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro from the vice presidency of the party and the possibility of becoming an unassigned deputy. After these events, the former head of the studies office held a press conference and left several criticisms of the management.

Mithá Ribeiro does not rule out the possibility of remaining as an unregistered deputy and accuses Chega of lack of freedom of expression

“Understanding that it is essential that there are no internal doubts about the legitimacy of the president and the style of leadership that he has affirmed, both in partisan and parliamentary terms, the national leadership also asked the National Board to open the XI National Council to participation. of all the activists, from all the regions of the country, so that the debate is complete, global and as comprehensive as possible”, can be read in the statement sent by Chega.

Although the motion was only voted by the councillors, the party decided to convene the I Plenary Session (a figure that is not in the statutes) so that all the militants can discuss the text, which, according to the statement, is a “form of direct participation of the militants in the way of the party”.

Ventura presents a motion of confidence to his leadership. “There are factions that think our opposition is too aggressive”

The National Council will take place at Exposalão – Centro de Exposições da Batalha, in the district of Leiria, and will be open to the media, as was the case at the National Council in Sagres, where the party’s program was discussed.

Source: Observadora

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