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PS in the Lisbon Chamber will again abstain and allow the approval of the budget for 2023

The PS councilors in the Lisbon Chamber announced this Wednesday that they will abstain from voting on the municipal budget proposal for 2023, which makes it possible to make viable the document presented by the PSD/CDS-PP leadership, which governs without an absolute majority.

The Socialist Party will make the municipal budget of Lisbon viable for the year 2023, abstaining from the first budget, which is the exclusive responsibility of Carlos Moedas as mayor of Lisbon”, reads a statement from the socialist council in the executive of the capital sent to the Agency Lusa.

Despite allowing the feasibility of the second budget proposal of the PSD/CDS-PP leadership, as it did with this year’s budget, the PS accuses the social democrat Carlos Moedas of “total lack of will” to negotiate policies and measures with the opposition”even knowing that the president of the autarchy needs the votes of the PS or other political forces to approve the budget.”

“Only a year has passed and the management of the currency is a good example of the arrogance of a minority that hastened to assume the worst tics of the majorities”, says the socialist councilor of the Lisbon City Council (CML).

In line with what they had defended in the budget proposal for 2022, the Socialists reinforce that the viability of the budget of a minority council “does not mean the acceptance of some lines of force that are beginning to take shape, and with which the PS maintains a front of disagreement, but the understanding that the city needs stability and guarantees that the decisions of the people of Lisbon are respected”.

In this sense, the PS highlights some of the areas in which it considers that there is “a clear setback, disinvestment or even worrying signs about the strategic future”, namely the increase in Carris’s debt, the suspension or freezing of 2,000 social interest homes and the decline in investment in the social area🇧🇷

Regarding Carris, the Socialists assure that there is a “galloping increase in debt”, indicating that the municipal company “had zero debt until 2021”.

“Carris’s investment plan provides for the use of bank loans to finance investments, between 2024 and 2026, for a total amount of 121.5 million euros. The return of the indebtedness to a public transport company, a sector where indebtedness has historically compromised investment and has given rise to arguments in favor of its privatization, seriously worries the PS”, the Socialists point out, recalling the previous management based on the reinforcement of the fleet, amounting to 90 million euros, guaranteed with municipal resources.

Regarding affordable rent, the PS indicates that in the budget and activity plan of the municipal urban rehabilitation company SRU, the planned construction of 545 homes in two subdivisions in Marvila is ruled out, as well as the construction of 400 homes remains blocked. in Alto do Restelo.

“In total there are 900 self-built apartments that Carlos Moedas drops despite the fact that he now has the right to financing from the PRR [Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência], contrary to what happened in the previous mandate. If we count the three concession bids canceled by the CML in Parque das Nações, Benfica and Paços da Rainha – even after the bids were completed with responses from private candidates – a total of 2,000 social interest homes were suspended, frozen or canceled by the current executive”, adds PS.

In the social area, the Socialists point to the withdrawal of the promise to build three more intergenerational centers (Ajuda, Álvaro Pais and Bairro da Liberdade), and there are no plans to create high-level republics either (electoral promise of the Novos Tempos – PSD coalition /CDS-PP/MPT/PPM/Aliança).

The Socialists warn that, despite living through a period marked by economic difficulties caused by inflation, “the municipality reduces investment in the Social Emergency Fund, with an endowment of 7.8 million euros for 2023, a clear decrease compared to to the 12.8 million executed in 2021, the last year of PS management”.

“Two months after the president of CML announced, with pomp and circumstance, a plan to combat the social impact of inflation, none of these measures have yet reached individuals and companies. Most of the proposals were not even put to a vote by the councilors”, point out the Socialists, who once again accuse Carlos Moedas of “a lot of propaganda”, to which is added the criticism of having a speech focused on the Government.

Lisbon municipal budget proposal for 2023 forecasts an expense of 1,305 million euros, higher than that calculated for this year (1,160 million), anticipating that the chamber has a 15% growth in current income, as well as an investment of 138 million financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

Fulfilling electoral promises, among the planned measures are the exemption from the IMT for young people up to 35 years of age for the acquisition of their own home, in the maximum amount of 250 thousand euros, and the return of 3.5% of the IRPF to citizens, increasing again 0.5%, just like this year, which went from 2.5% to 3%.

Other measures that will be implemented next year are the “Lisboa 65+” health plan, with a budget of 1.6 million euros, as well as the commitment to soft mobility, with three million, to increase the network’s offer Shared Tour bikes.

This is the second Lisbon municipal budget of the current term, 2021-2025, under the presidency of the social democrat Carlos Moedas, who governs without an absolute majority, with seven members elected from the “Novos Tempos” coalition (PSD/CDS-PP/MPT / PPM/Aliança) among the 17 elements that make up the city executive.

The first budget of the PSD/CDS-PP leadership was approved thanks to the abstention of the five PS councillors, having obtained the votes against the rest of the opposition, namely two from the PCP, one from BE, one from Livre and one of the independent councilor of Cidadãos for Lisbon (elected by the PS/Livre coalition).

Source: Observadora

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