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Candidate for Lisbon City Council in 2025? Marta Temido just smiles and says that her name came up “to see how people react”

The former Minister of Health and current deputy for the PS, Marta Temido, chose the TVI entertainment program to give her first interview after leaving office. In an interview on the “Goucha” program, conducted by the presenter of the same name, Temido placed the connection of her name with a candidacy for Lisbon on the same plane as “the ideas that are communicated to see how people react.” . And she added, without giving a direct answer: “How do I react? Laugh”.

The former minister, however, did not stop praising the role of the mayors, saying that “it must be one of the most difficult exercises.” He also recalled that “he said”, during the pandemic, that in these circumstances “there was only one more difficult place: that of mayor”. Marta Temido considers that the role of mayor is especially challenging “because of the variety of issues and the daily pressure that I imagine there is, because there is always something in the city that needs [de ser feito]🇧🇷

The presenter Manuel Luís Goucha would continue to insist on the issue at the end of the interview, but Marta Temido again evaded the issue, without denying this ambition: “You have to have a sense of humor.”

Marta Temido is presented to the elections to the Lisbon council of the PS as number two

Upon being replaced in the Health portfolio, Marta Temido left the Belém Palace promising to continue in these adventures: “I have politics inside.” Shortly after, at the end of September, the Observer reported that he would be a candidate in the internal party elections, as number two for the Lisbon council.

His list, headed by Davide Amado, president of the Alcântara parish council, won the elections. Davide Amado told the Observer at the time that Marta Temido’s entry on the list “greatly honors” the candidacy. “She is a PS-Lisboa militant who has had government functions and has always been committed to her functions,” he says, believing that she feared will give “her best” for the good of the city🇧🇷

Source: Observadora

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