German player Timo Werner has praised manager Jurgen Klopp but said he has no regrets about moving to Chelsea instead of Liverpool.

Werner said: “The only thing I can say is that they have a German coach. I knew him many years ago. When I was in Leipzig, I had the opportunity to go to the Premier League. It was a great opportunity for me, but in the end I chose Chelsea and won the Champions League last year. It wasn’t the worst decision.”

He continued about Klopp: “He is one of the best coaches in Germany. He has won the most trophies in recent years. He has a very pleasant personality, a character that the Germans like because he looks funny. Thomas Müller and Jurgen Klopp. They say what they think and that’s really important in this business. It’s also realistic and funny. This is what we Germans love.”

Asked about his coach Thomas Tuchel, Werner said: “Now he’s at the level where you say who’s the best coach, you only have Klopp, him and Pep Guardiola.”

Translation by Safwan Shami