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From hell to heaven: dribbling the narcos led Antonio to the World Cup

The story happened in Antony’s youth, one of Brazil’s squad for the World Cup in Qatar. “I was walking with my mother and I saw a red car that caught my attention. It was a Range Rover Evoque. But for me it was like seeing a Ferrari.” I couldn’t afford the car, not only because I had a child’s bank account but, above all, because I came from a disadvantaged family. From poverty to success, “things changed fast”and after a while Antony had a red Range Rover Evoque, bought by himself, in his mother’s garage.

Antony is what in football is usually called a play in the sand???????? The Brazilian’s feet read a manual that taught them a wide range of feints and they executed them as if there was no other way to play. The Manchester United player adopted a particular style, having recently come under fire for a dribble he made in the Europa League match against Sheriff in which he spun over himself with the ball stuck to his left foot.

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Source: Observadora

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