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Sporting secures the ‘final four’ of futsal champions

This Saturday, Sporting secured qualification for the ‘final four’ of the Futsal Champions League, by defeating the Italians Città do Eboli 5-0, on the third and final day of group A.

In Eboli, Italy, the ‘lions’ were clear dominators of the group, which prevailed with full victories, and this Saturday did not give the host team of the ‘poule’ a chance to discuss the result.

Zicky Té (10 minutes), Cavinato (21), Miguel Ângelo (26), Diogo Santos (32) and Sokolov (33) were the authors of the ‘leonine’ goals, which ensured an incontestable victory for Sporting, winner of the competition in 2019 and 2021.

In the ‘final four’, the ‘lions’ will face their compatriots Benfica, Spaniards from Palma Futsal and Belgians from Anderlecht, who beat FC Barcelona in their group by one goal.

Source: Observadora

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