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20 seconds of response to the chants, a book of feints and the emotion of seeing the family: Messi’s 1,000th match

Special Envoy of the Observer in Doha, Qatar

There are one or two exceptions. The 9 because it is the number of the scorer. The 5 because it is that position that Argentines care about and respect more than anyone because they see it as a turning point to balance the whole team. 1 if someone had a goalkeeper shirt (which they don’t). So, and more than 95% of the time, there are only two options for those who bring teams from Argentina to the stadium, which is almost everyone: either they don’t have a number or they have the 10 on their back. And among all those 10, Those who risk putting their first or last name are very rare. Either they have Messi, or they have Maradona. You just have to choose the God of his generation and let faith do the rest in a world where saying that soccer is a religion for all Argentines falls short.

Dios Leo, the sacred medicine of always for the bipolarity of always (Argentina-Australia chronicle)

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