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Report: Disinformation Governing Council ‘suspended’, Nina Jankovic resigns

The Department of Homeland Security reportedly suspended the Disinformation Governing Council three weeks after its creation by Republicans.

“Washington Post”Taylor Lorenz reported that DHS decided to close the board on Monday, and its chairman, Nina Yankovic, wrote a letter of resignation in response to this decision.

DHS offered Yankovic the opportunity to stay in the unit he defended in a previous statement. Washington Post.

Lorenz later announced on Wednesday that Yankovic has officially resigned.

The Biden administration is now trying to portray Yankovic as a victim after journalists questioned his role by citing disturbing Tik-Tok videos, along with multiple questionable positions regarding free speech and government censorship.

“Nina Jankovic has been subjected to unreasonable and disgusting personal attacks and threats of physical harm,” a DHS spokesperson said in a statement.

“These scandals, launched by unscrupulous right-wingers against a highly trained expert and efforts to improve the fight against human trafficking and domestic terrorism, are despicable,” said Andrew Bates, White House Deputy Press Secretary.

DHS officials told Yankovic to keep quiet about his role in the department after he tried to defend a statement he made on Twitter about Hunter Biden.

With Republicans gaining a majority in one or both houses of Congress in the coming period, more questions and congressional testimony about Yankovic’s role on the disinformation council are likely.

Behind the scenes, DHS appears to acknowledge that the fight to save Yankovic is over, but has indicated that it will look for other ways to combat disinformation.

“We need another Nina in the future,” the DHS employee said anonymously. Washington Post. “And whoever takes that position will be vulnerable to a campaign or disinformation attack.”

Source: Breitbart

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