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The Russian company “AutoVAZ” will resume production of cars in early June

Maxim Sokolov, General Director of the Russian company “AutoVAZ”, at a meeting with workers and employees of the company, announced that AutoVAZ will resume car production at the beginning of next June.

A local government spokesman in Samara, Russia, reported this to Interfax, and Sokolov said: “We will resume car production in early June, as we will start making all the models to gradually restore them. in their former dimensions. ” sabi.

The company’s management announced that the period between April 4 and 25 has been allotted for collective leave due to the crisis in the supply of spare parts. However, without quickly resolving the problem, management had to announce that it was pausing production on May 16-20, then postponed the production pause to May 23-27.

However, the French company “Renault”, as the controlling shareholder, transferred its stake in the state and exited the Russian car market against the backdrop of the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine. The ownership rights of “AutoVAZ” were transferred to the Russian company “NAMI”. As for the municipality of Moscow, it bought the rights to control the Renault factory in the Russian capital at a symbolic price of just two propylene.

Source: TASS

Source: Arabic RT

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