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Features that may be of interest to many are appearing on Windows systems

Microsoft has announced its intention to bring new features to make the Windows 11 system more practical and useful for users.

According to the company’s information, its programmers are currently developing a new feature that will help owners of new computers running the Windows 11 system restore the applications they used on their old computers.

The company said there is currently no such feature on Windows systems, and the user must enter the application store and manually download the applications to the new device in order to restore the applications used with their old devices.

Giorgio Sardo, general manager of the Microsoft Store, said: “To make it easier for customers to migrate to new PCs quickly and easily, we will soon test a new feature from Microsoft to help them automatically restore their pre-installed apps. Store them on a new Windows device. ”

On the other hand, Panos Bani, head of Microsoft’s hardware and Windows systems division, said: “His company will allow external developers to access the Widgets section on the Windows 11 system, which will allow the development of new shortcuts to operating interfaces that can meet the needs and tastes of different users and systems will also be available to users. More possibilities to control the shapes, colors and properties of the shortcuts they want to appear on their devices.

source: ixbit

Source: Arabic RT

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