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Remains of Chinese rockets sighted in Portugal and Spain. Re-entry into the atmosphere mistaken for a meteor shower

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The re-entry into the atmosphere of part of the Chinese CZ-2F rocket was seen at dawn on Tuesday in Portugal and Spain.

This rocket aims bring Chinese astronaut crews to the Shenzhou space station. The material that crossed the skies this Tuesday was part of the launch of three astronauts on June 5. The next release is scheduled for December this year.

The notice of the re-entry of this space debris It had already been released on Monday afternoon by the Spanish astronomy website Sky Watch Sentinelwith the probable location of its transit route and estimated time: between 00:27 and 00:37 (Spanish time).

The first reports began to arrive on the social network Twitter from the other side of the border, in cities such as Granada, Seville, Alicante, Huelva, Malaga and Badajoz. However, most thought it was a meteor shower.

Also in Portugal, there were reports that this phenomenon has been seen in the Algarve.

Source: Observadora

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